Info  Lee Mayall was born into a world of the blues, surrounded by stars such as his uncle, John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Manfred Mann, Stevie Winwood, Frank Zappa, Marianne Faithfull  and many others.   Apart from his many own live and studio projects, Lee has performed with famous musicians such as John Mayall,  Sabrina Setlur, Xavier Naidoo, Sidney Youngblood, Gregor Maile, Sarah Connor Band and many other international artists,  and has toured all over the world.   With his own group, since 1993 he has thrilled audiences in numerous concerts across Europe and beyond.
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Biography 1967 born in Salzburg, Austria, where his parents were living at the time. returned to London for 4 years and lived in Tom McGuiness's house (Manfred Mann's guitarist . grew up surrounded by music stars: John Mayall (uncle), Alexis Korner, Eric Clapton, Manfred Mann, Spencer Davis, John McVie, Mick Taylor, Steve Winwood, Marianne Faithfull and many more. was regularly taken to John Mayall, Fats Domino and Alexis Korner concerts.... 1972 moved to Germany with his parents when he was five. went to Kindergarten, where he started learning to speak German. 1973 started playing recorder went to primary school 1976 went to Grammar school took clarinet lessons (mostly classical music and first jazz pieces) 1978 started playing tenor sax (later in various big bands) 1984 formed the band MAJAZZTIC with local musician friends and won a major young talent music competition with them. (15 other bands competing) meanwhile parents moved to Greece but Lee stayed on in Germany (Heidenheim) 1985 started playing with various other well- known bands including his uncle JOHN MAYALL's BLUESBREAKERS (sessions and concerts), BIG BOOGIECHARGE etc.. 1990 played a European tour with John Mayall covering the whole of Germany, Austria and Switzerland 1991 formed a sax duet called SEXY SAXY and played not only in Germany and England but worked in several sound studios all over Germany 1993 formed the succsessful group LEE MAYALL'S SAX MACHINE and toured all over the world and supported different bands in Germany, England, Greece, USA, Mexico, France, Italy, Egypt, Tunesia, Canary Islands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria..... met up with many famous German and international artists including Peter Maffay, Hartmut Engler (from the band PUR), Wolfgang Niedecken (BAP), Thomas Gottschalk (TV moderator), Guildo Horn, Xavier Naidoo, Sabrina Setlur, Cassandra Steen, Sidney Youngblood, Nena, Udo Jürgens, Klaus Doldinger, Fool's Garden, Weather Girls, Eric Burdon, James Brown to name a few. he also toured with other bands like JOHN MAYALL, SWEETY GLITTER, BLUESPOWER, Partygang, Speedy Gonzales, Partytour, Joe Whitney's STREETLIFE, Jason Wright 's " The Wright Thing ", Crazy in blue but especially with his own band  "LEE MAYALL'S SAX MACHINE". 2000 bought studio equipment and started working on his own songs, arrangements and producing for various CDs. . 2001 formed his funk & soul band LEE MAYALL'S UNITY which was launched in various music clubs and festivals he also renamed his band SAX MACHINE - LEE MAYALL "the saxmachine" 2002 he bought a house with 8 flats or apartments and set up a professional sound studio calling it "LEE MAYALL'S BRONX TONSTUDIO". Since then he's been recording, producing & composing various CDs for his many projects and other artists his latest live band formation is a trio with SUE C and father CLAUS WENGENMAYR "THREE IN TIME" (sax - vocals - piano) Versatile as he is on his saxophones, Lee plays many styles of music including pop, funk, soul, jazz, blues, rock'n roll, gospel, film & meditation. 2005 Lee & Sue's son Luca - Jay Mayall was born on the 30th of august 2006 Lee and Sue got  married 2006 - 2010 continued  touring all over the world with all his different projects, making new connections with all kinds of artists in the business 2007 is invited to play with the Pink Floyd Tribute Band Echoes from Aschaffenburg  featuring Oliver Hartmann  (guitar & vocals). Many appearances followed over Germany, Holland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Italy 2010 Lee was offered to play concerts with the great funk/ soul/pop band called  "GROOVING AFFAIRS”  (Melanie Thornton and Sarah Conner Band). 2011 Lee was  offered an endorsement for a major saxophone company called  ANTIGUA. Lee signed a contract with the major firm for musical instruments called MEINL 2012 formed another funk, pop, rock & soulband called GROOVELINE powered by a radio station called DONAU 3 FM in Ulm. Lee started giving rock'n roll workshops all over Germany Lee & band play unplugged ( without amplification) on the highest church tower in the world called the ULMER MÜNSTER the whole event was filmed by a local TV station called REGIO TV & DONAU 3 FM Lee was flown to China to play at the big music exhibition in Shanghai he was invited to visit the big saxophone factory of his brand ANTIGUA north of Shanghai played with John Mayall & his new band in Munich (Muffathalle) 2013  Lee introduced his own compositions and original material for the first time on his website .....more to come........,in the future....!